FJB is proposed for applications in harsh environments. It is highly configurable, with a large number of commands and great sturdiness, as usual on Autec products. This joystick transmitting unit is easy to use, thanks to a portability system specially conceived to support the operator, and offers up to 12 proportional commands and up to 64 digital commands with data feedback option that allows viewing of machine information on a 4.3’’ color graphic display or through LEDs on panel.

TÜV certification for safety functions Stop function: PL e, cat. 4 (EN ISO 13849-1) / SIL 3 (EN IEC 62061) UMFS function: PL d, cat. 3 (EN ISO 13849-1) / SIL 3 (EN IEC 62061) (UMFS = Unintended Movement From Standstill)

Deluxe support belt for FJB

4,3" color display
LEDs on panel
Cable control
IR Sensor
Tilt or impact sensor
External buzzer
3-axis joystick
ID internal tx memory
Marine environment protection

Rotative switch
Selector lever
"Pull-up" selector switch
Side button


Drilling machines Mobile Boat trolleys

Frequency band 863-870 MHz (128 channels) – 915 MHz (260 channels)
447 MHz (32 channels) – 434 MHz (63 channels) –
429 MHz (40 channels)
Hamming distance ≥ 15
Typical working range 100 m
Average usage time with fully charged battery (continuous use at 20°C / 68°F) with display with 4.3” Display: 8h (LPM04 Battery)
Safety performance of the STOP function (EN ISO 13849-1 / EN IEC 62061) up to PL e, cat. 4 / SIL 3
Safety category for the protection against unintended movements from standstill UMFS (EN ISO 13849-1 / EN IEC 62061) up to PL d, cat. 3 / SIL 2
Protection degree IP 65 (NEMA 4)
Operating and storage temperature operating: (-25 °C) ÷ (+55 °C) / (-13 °F) ÷ (+131 °F)
storage: (-40 °C) ÷ (+85 °C) / (-40 °F) ÷ (+185 °F)
Dimensions 424x211x242 mm
16.70x8.30x9.50 in
Weight 5.5 kg
12.1 lb