Welcome to Elma, exclusive Lilaas distributor in the Benelux

Lilaas is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of various types of control levers and joysticks for marine and offshore use. As a result of unique design, top-grade materials and thorough test procedures, we produce products of high quality that requires a minimum of service and maintenance.

The control units from Lilaas include levers, controlling mechanism and accompanying electronics. The products range from simple, one-axis control levers in different sizes, hand wheels and rudder controls to azimuth control units and multi-axis joysticks.

All units may be delivered motorized on all axes and with several optional features. The products comply with stringent certification requirements. All kinds of vessels, from small fishing boats and ferries, via supply vessels to large tankers and cruise ships may be maneuvered by control levers from Lilaas.





Rudder control