Marine joysticks for ship control applications

Lilaas marine joysticks are the most reliable and have the highest quality of its kind. The multifunctional joysticks are made in Norway and feature sleek and ergonomic designs. For over five decades Lilaas has been an innovative leader in designing joysticks for ships, boats, barges, yachts and other types of vessels. The company is continuously looking for opportunities to further improve its solutions while thinking along with its customers.

Lilaas joysticks are designed for electronic control. They come equipped with potentiometers and micro-switch contacts. Optionally they can be combined with signal amplifiers.

Available outputs:

  • standard potentiometer output: 5KOhm (per axis)
  • a 4 – 20 mA signal from a signal amplifier
  • CANbus, Profibus and Profinet signals emitted by a special Lilaas interface unit
  • other outputs: in consultation with Elma Components

The joysticks come with 1, 2 or 3 axes (x-y-z). All axles can be used simultaneously. All mechanical parts are produced in the Lilaas factory in Norway. This enables customers to be sure of a high quality and of quick delivery times.

In addition to controlling applications on seaships and other vessels, Lilaas joysticks are increasingly used in on-shore installations. Ask an Elma sales engineer to assist you with the selection of your joystick. We are looking forward to find the best fitting solution for your challenge. Also, we can help you realizing your specific demands. Lilaas is offering a great amount of options and customization possibilities.

Integration & automation of Lilaas joysticks. Turnkey solutions by Elma

    • Lilaas marine joysticks can be equipped with drive motors for automatic synchronization in a multi-station system.
    • Elma offers custom-made panels and ceiling mounted indicators that display the feedback from the ship’s actuators.
    • In order to visualize the output/feedback from Lilaas joysticks Elma offers customer-specific control panels, including built-in lever units, signal lamps, pushbuttons, indicators, buzzers and electronic dimmers.
    • Control panels can be connected to special Lilaas CAN-interface modules and/or PLC’s. This integration offers an electronic shaft control system (AESS). As part of Elma’s turn-key approach the system will be completely functional factory tested (with or without class and/or customer in attendance). If desired, the system can be installed and commissioned in situ by our service engineers.
    • Maximizing the flexibility for on-board control and meeting the need for fixed control positions, Elma designs and builds class approved, radio remote control systems. These systems integrate all control devices, including joysticks.

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