AESS Electronic Shaft System

AESS (Electronic Shaft System) is developed by Lilaas and is a network system for up to 8 control lever positions and up to 4 propulsion engines into one redundant network. Each control lever is a node in a network and consists of one control lever with servo systems and an electronic unit. The system administrates the master position selection, slave positions and fault detection.

The network

The network is based on the CAN bus standard (Controller Area Network). The CAN bus is a well proven standard originally designed for vehicles. Due to its simplicity and operability in harsh environment this standard is now used in a wide range of applications, such as industrial, medical and nautical. The network in AESS is dual redundant with two physical separated buses.

AESS can be used with:

• Propulsion control levers
• Thruster control levers
• Rudder control
• General purpose joysticks 1, 2 and 3 axes
• Combinations of above mentioned The AESS is delivered with 1,5 meter cables and Instruction manual.

Emergency telegraph

Optionally we deliver an emergency engine-room telegraph. A separate dual redundant network can be installed e.g. between the bridge and the engine room. In emergency mode all control lever clutches are released, and levers can be moved freely. In this state the activity on the main bus is ignored. The bridge will originate the emergency state, and the angle and throttle positions are transmitted to the engine room displayed on LED indicators. The engine room accept the message by turning its levers into the same position.

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