The Lilaas L01 is a multifunction lever for azimuth, thruster and propulsion control. The control lever can be moved +/- 60° vertically and continuously 360° horizontally. The L01 is compact and rugged. It combines multiple functions simply and safely.

Built in electronic shaft system

  • The Lilaas L01 lever with built-in electronic shaft system offers integrated e-motors and an in-house developed electronics shaft system. This elimitates the need for big expensive external boxes.
  • The lever comes with software solutions and a built in TFT LCD digital display for lever position and feedback information from the ship’s systems. It also includes various parameter settings: FWD or AFT, CAN, alarm, display, networks, feedback etc.
  • Available capacitive touch switches on the display for menu operations and/or for custom functionality.
  • The lever has new cost-effective force feedback solution that does not use electric motors

Options electronics Lilaas L01

  • Display graphics
  • Digital isolated input
  • Force feedback
  • E-motor
  • Integrated electrical shaft system
  • Color and logo of choice

Mechanical Version 

The mechanical version of the L01 has redundant magnetics sensors on all axes. It is available as azimuth, thruster and propulsion control lever with laser engraved and LED illuminated scale.

  • Built-in switches
  • Mechanical detents
  • Limited deflection
  • Customized scale
  • E-motor
  • Color and logo of choice