The Lilaas L04 is a modern and compact multifunctional joystick. It comes with 1, 2 or 3 axes. The handle can be turned 48º in x and y direction and 120º in z direction (90º with spring return). The joystick is designed for electronic control and can be used for maritime and on-shore applications. The L04 comes with a ball-shaped transition between handle and panel plate. The device is compact and rugged. It is able to control several functions simply and safely.

Options Lilaas L04 joystick

  • Pushbutton with or without light
  • Different shaft types
  • Spring-loaded return to neutral
  • Built-in micro switches
  • Light
  • Color and logo of choice
  • 4 – 20 mA signal from a signal amplifier
  • CANbus, Profibus and Profinet signals emitted by Lilaas interface unit
  • other outputs: in consultation with Elma Components
  • Other options on request