LF150 is a rudder control unit designed for electronic control. The full size standard wheel can be turned maximum 280º. The LF150 wheel unit for rudder control includes potentiometer and visible panel plate.

Technical description

• Wheel: Specified by customer
• Materials: Stainless steel, brass, aluminium, POM
• Standard potentiometer: 5 kΩ

Options Lilaas LF150

• Termination
• Spring-loaded return to neutral position
• Built-in switches
• Light
• Alternative potentiometers
• Custom design: wheel, panel plate, scale foil

foto Jan WIllem Oechies
Jan Willem Oechies
Inside Sales Engineer
foto Tim Kuyt
Tim Kuyt
Account Manager
Materials / Finish Steel A2, AI, POM, alodine, powder coating
Weight Approx. 3 kg
Movement, LF150-01-10 / LF150-01-30 ±60˚ / ±155˚
Detent In zero
Panel plate 96 x 144 mm
Wheel diameter / grip 350 mm / stell or padded
Standard potentiometer Single 5 kΩ linear
Termination 16 pins contact with plug