The Lilaas LF70 is an azimuth control lever with dual axes. It is designed for controlling two functions simultaneously. Functions include: pitch control, engine speed and thrust direction of the propeller.

The LF70 azimuth lever can be moved +/- 60° vertically and continuously 360° horizontally. It is made for electronic control and therefor equipped with potentiometer and micro switches. The Lilaas LF70 is compact, rugged and combines dual control simply and safely.

Options Lilaas LF70 azimuth lever

  • Limited movement
  • Motorised axes
  • Built-in micro switches
  • Termination
  • Alternative potentiometer
  • Custom design (handles, scale foils)
  • 4 – 20 mA signal from signal amplifier
  • CANbus, Profibus and Profinet output emitted by the Lilaas interface unit
  • Other outputs: in consultation with Elma Components
foto Jan WIllem Oechies
Jan Willem Oechies
Inside Sales Engineer
foto Tim Kuyt
Tim Kuyt
Account Manager
Handle Moulded poly-urethane plastic
Materials Enamelled aluminium
Scale Self adhesive w/light
Light 24 Volt
Standard potentiometer RPM 5 kΩ, azimuth 5 kΩ sin/cos
Potentiometer Spur Gears
Encloser IP 66 + EMC-screened