Explosion Proof Panels

Assembly of explosion proof panels

Over the last decades Elma Systems has acquired a great amount of experience assembling explosion proof panels. Our employees are trained on a regular base in order to stay up-to-date with the latest Atex regulations and production methods. Our specialized engineers guarantee reliable and expert advice. If desired, the expertise available at Elma can be consulted for the preliminary study of a project.

Types of explosion-proof panels

We are offering several types of explosion proof control panels for following Atex zones:

  • Ex d (industrial switchgear in a flameproof Exd enclosure and Exd cable glands)
  • Ex de (industrial switchgear in a flameproof Exd enclosure with a flanged-on Exe junction box)
  • Ex e (certified switchgear in an increased safety Exe enclosure)
  • Ex p (Industrial Switchgear at overpressure in an Exp enclosure)

The assembled explosion-proof panels usually are unique. In most occasions the schematics are provided by the customer. However, our engineering department has the expertise to design the schematics based upon the functional specifications provided by you.

Approved bodies

All explosion-proof products supplied by Elma Systems come with a certificate. These certificates are issued by approved bodies like PTB, BASEEFA and KEMA. Each panel is supplied with a set of certificates of explosion safety for all concerning components. A “Letter of Conformity” will be issued if applicable. The required schematics can be provided in E-plan.

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