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Exclusive Lilaas distributor in the Benelux

Lilaas is one of the leading manufacturers of joysticks and control levers for maritime & offshore applications. Lilaas products are used on all kinds of vessels, securing high-precision control of the ship, the navigation system, cranes and winches. Elma Components is the exclusive distributor for Lilaas products in the Benelux.

The range of Lilaas maritime joysticks and control levers is characterized by:

  • A unique design
  • Top quality materials and finishes
  • Possibility for customization
  • Thouroughly executed test procedures

All this results in high quality products requiring minimal service and maintenance.

Explore the Lilaas joysticks and control levers

Great variety, high precision, Norwegian quality

The product ranges manufactured by Lilaas include steering wheels, joysticks and control levers, varying from simple single-axis joysticks and rudder controls to azimuth control units and multi-axis joysticks. Each control system is supplied with corresponding electronics.

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All products can be equipped with motorized axles and various options. Lilaas’ products are designed, manufactured, tested and documented for users operating in a context where precision and quality are emphasized strongly. The products meet the highest requirements set by the classification bureaus. Different vessels, ranging from small fishing vessels and supply vessels to large supertankers and cruise ships, are controlled by joysticks and control units made by Lilaas.

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