OEM, a well-known market to Elma

A notable amount of small and medium enterprises in the Benelux are active as OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or as suppliers to OEMs. Many of these OEMs are directly or indirectly connected to Elma via one of the following links:

Thanks to a dedicated ‘components’ division Elma is supplying OEMs with a wide range of electrotechnical components. These components play a central or supportive role in many drive and control processes. For example:

OEMs that don’t have an in-house electrotechnical department can call upon the assistance of ELMA Systems for system integration and panel building.

Hard- & Software Engineering

Based upon the customer’s functional specifications, our engineering department designs the complete control system for the application. We also build, install and commission the accompanying control panels and cabinets. If required, our software engineers are able to develop and test the application software for the PLC, HMI (Human Machine Interface) and/or remote control station.

Read more about Elma’s role as System Integrator

Choice of materials

As a brand independent system integrator Elma is free to choose which hardware to implement. Our electrical engineers use the components and brands that are prescribed by our customers. As a result we have built up extensive experience with many brands of switchgear, such as ABB, Siemens, Allen Bradley and Schneider. Furthermore we have developed true expertise in drive technology. In addition to our own line of AC motors (see Elma Motors) we are able to integrate any brand of AC motor as required by our customer. E-motors usually are controlled by a VFD (Variable Frequency Drives). Over the years, ELMA has built up a lot of experience in implementing different brands of VFD such as Siemens, ABB, Allen Bradley, Vacon, Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi and others.

Panel building

For most machines the ultimate tangible form of a control system is the control cabinet, or a cascade of several control cabinets. Control cabinets and panels are manufactured by Elma, in our factory in Soesterberg. Especially special cabinets, one-offs and proto types are made in our Dutch plant. Read more.

Installation and commissioning of drive & control systems

As last steps in the turnkey approach ELMA offers OEM ‘s to install and commission the built control and drive systems. The installation and commissioning can be done in our ELMA factory or in-situ. Read more.

In addition to the panel building department in our own factory in Soesterberg, we have access to the ELRO assembly facility in Romania. When it comes to producing larger series of control panels outsourcing the assembly to our Romanian sister company becomes a financially attractive option.

Read more about series-produced control panels.

OEMs can bring in ELMA’s Services department right before or during the delivery of their (new) machine when:

  • Rotors need to be balanced (read more)
  • The machine’s drive units need to be aligned with the rest of the machine. (read more)
  • There is a need for an initial baseline analysis of the machine’s vibration profile. This will enhance later maintenance and check-ups. (read more)
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