Machine Alignment

Aligning your machine increases longevity & product quality

Bad machine alignment will cause vibrations and untimely damage. You will start noticing that mechanical seals are wearing out and that bearings and sprockets are gaining too much clearance. Unplanned, unnecessary and often high repair expenses are a result. Moreover: poorly aligned equipment also tends to consume more energy. Also the product quality of items produced by a badly aligned machine will often be negatively affected.

When is machine alignment crucial?

  • Two machines are connected by a rotary axis
  • A rotary drive unit is installed inside or connected to a machine
  • Several rotary drive units are connected in cascade.
  • Even when using flexible couplings a precise alignment stays very important!

Bring in Elma to align your machinery

Elma Services has extensive experience in machine alignment: shafts, axles, pumps, couplings and electric motors. In most cases we prefer to align on site. Elma Services is well-known for its quick delivery and workmanship.

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Our engineers use the most up-to-date and accurate laser equipment to measure and readjust misalignments. We make sure that the connection between the electric motor and the actuated equipment (e.g. pumps) is exactly placed in one line, or that a 100% straightness (gear boxes), eveness (machine installation) or squareness (conveyer belts) are guaranteed/ensured.

Aligning a repositioned machine

Before your motor or generator gets repositioned – e.g. for the purpose of repair or maintenance – our service engineers will first make a pre-alignment. This simplifies the final alignment once the equipment is put back in place.

Damaged electric motors or generators?

Are you confronted with damaged e-motors or generators, e.g. as a result of malalignment? Please, contact Elma Services and make an appointment for a repair. We have more than 80 years of experience repairing and overhauling electric motors, engines and generators.

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The right measuring equipment combines measurements with the calculations required to determine the relationship between the measured values and the imbalance that needs to be eliminated. ELMA Services performs machine alignment activities on a global level.

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