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Safety and reliability are paramount

In the offshore industry is availability as safety and reliability most important. In this demanding market Elma has a broad experience. We not only supply directly to the end-users but also to the equipment manufacturers for the offshore sector. Elma has delivered various drive and control systems for among others pipe and cable laying vessels, drilling platforms and heavy-lifting ships.

An international market

The offshore industry is an international operating market requiring, besides a flexible and quick response, also a partner having profound knowledge of this market. From our office in the Netherlands and supported by several international partners you can always count on a quick supply of spare parts and quick presence of our service engineers. Elma designs your installations based upon the latest technologies. From engineering, assembly and installation until service and the supply of components. Elma does its utmost to realize the awarded projects within the agreed time and budget and with the highest quality. A realistic planning and an experienced project management team is essential.

Brand independent system integrator

As a brand-independent system integrator, we ensure that the components of different manufacturers are engineered and integrated in existing systems resulting in an optimally functioning system. Our experienced hardware and software engineers have extensive knowledge of the by the classification societies (like Lloyds, BV, DNV, CCS etc.) established rules. They can advise you what electric components and systems leads to optimal results and meet the safety requirements of the offshore industry. Your requirements related to the materials and functional specifications are integrated seamlessly into the entire system. Furthermore we have extensive experience in designing Ex installations.

Expertise in many different ships

In addition to the offshore industry Elma is also an experienced systems integrator for the maritime sector: whether it’s dredgers, oil tankers, cruise ships, luxury yachts or supply vessels, Elma has earned its reputation in all these sectors.

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