Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis of rotating machines

Vibration Analysis is the most effective and proven technique to determine the condition of rotary equipment. Every deviation in a rotary machine generates a unique vibration pattern. This makes vibration analysis a very reliable diagnostic method. Not surprising it has become a widely used diagnostic tool. Vibration analysis also is a perfect reference point for a preventive maintenance programme.

Which machine deficiencies do Vibration Analyses reveal?

  • Sprocket damages
  • Bearing damage
  • Driving belt problems
  • Electrical faulties

Vibration measurement with spectrum analysis

Elma performs vibration measurements by means of spectrum analyses. Performing this vibration analysis the measured data is analyzed with the aid of graphs, a so called spectrum. Examined is what frequencies and thus what machine errors cause the increase or decrease in the overall values. If the root cause is not found the risk of recurrence is high. A correct interpretation of this spectrum analysis requires a thoroughly knowledge and a lot of experience. Included in the assessment among others are speed, load and temperature. This analysis technique offers the only truly reliable diagnosis as a base for a preventive maintenance program for rotating machines.

After making a vibration analysis, conclusions are drawn about the condition and operation of new, existing or reconditioned machines and rotary structures. Additionally malfunctions can be detected. After obtaining reliable measurement results the real specialty of the practitioner comes into play: the interpretation of the data.

Analyzing test results

The one measurement is not the other. There are many applications of vibration measurements and there are also many different views on the implementation and analysis of the measurements. Measurements based on general indicators, often in combination with a red, yellow or green mark, only give information related to the overall vibration level. If on the other hand measurements are compared with previous measurements, a trend is established which shows any increase or decrease. The cause of the problem of the rotating machine must ultimately still be judged by means of a visual inspection. This the only possible way to determine what part is subject to wear and tear.

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