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In a fast changing technical world it is important to respond and adapt the changes as quickly and effectively as possible. In addition to a smooth functioning process it is also important to reduce the costs as much as possible.

Elma is specialized in industrial automation. We optimize your processes with innovative and efficient solutions that seamlessly integrate with your requirements. In order to propose the right solution, it is important to get familiar with your processes and organization. This is the only way leading to a good and thorough proposal.

Our solutions are characterized by the use of proven industrial standards which integrate seamless into your processes. Our employees value a long-term relationship and like to cooperate in order to achieve a perfect solution and combining our expertise with your knowledge of the production processes.

Elma is specialized in turnkey solutions for the food and beverage industry, heavy industry, water treatment plants etc. From our first contact until the 24-hour service and aftersales we provide excellent service.

Food and beverage

The safety of food requires a lot of attention and above this the legislation is becoming more and more stringent. For the producers in the food chain efficiency and economies of scale are increasingly important. The automation of the production processes are getting a lot of attention for many reasons:

  • Producing a constant high quality
  • Compliance to national and international regulations
  • Food safety
  • Energy savings and the reduction of raw materials
  • Cost effective production lines

In addition, production processes need to be flexible, innovative, robust and lead to a reliable and consistent product. This is achieved thanks to our know-how in the field of SCADA (SCADA) applications, DCS’en (Distributed Control Systems) and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers).

The Netherlands, land of water

The Dutch control the water as no other country. They are innovative when it comes to the devising and implementation of systems for wastewater, sewage, drinking water, and industrial water. The reliability of these systems is critical to our health and safety and they must operate without malfunctions. Furthermore the power consumption should be as low as possible and seasonal factors are not allowed to influence the systems. As a producer of “water” this has a lot of impact in a market where knowledge is aging. Elma can assist you with her many years of experience suppling innovative solutions.
From the start of the project we support you in establishing your principles, needs and requirements. Our profound knowledge of the technology and regulations related to your industry comes in handy. We translate your functional specifications into a design and integrate both the electrical systems and the process automation into your processes. After commissioning and acceptance our service and maintenance team is available in order to keep your systems reliable.

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