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Panel building in optima forma

The panel building department of Elma assembles drive and control cabinets and panels in accordance with your requirements and your BOM (Bill of Material). Elma seeks to completely relief customers of their cabinet assembly challenges. We build your panels and cabinets completely in accordance with your electrical schematics. Once finished they are tested by our specialists. The manufacturing and testing of control panels is done both at Elma’s workshop in the Netherlands and at Elro, Elma’s sister company in Romania.

Provided schematics

In addition to the assembly of your control cabinets Elma’s system integration department can be of extra service. Before starting the assembling process, our specialists check your electrical diagrams in order to be sure they comply with the applicable standards including IEC 61439 (low-voltage switchgear and distribution systems) and IEC 60204 (electrical safety of machines). If required, Elma can give advise related to the most efficient techniques for your application.

Low-cost panel building in Romania

Having a sister company in Romania we also can provide a financial interesting proposition. Not only the labor costs but also component prices of a number of renowned brands are considerably lower as in Western Europe.
After assembling the cabinets a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) can be executed at the Elma or at the Elro workshop. The FAT can be executed in accordance with our or, if required, with your protocols.

Elma invests in long-term relationships. Therefore the requirements of our customers prevail. Our goal is that our operations seamlessly integrate with your processes. We strive to operate as an extension of your organization.

Lean manufacturing

The Lean philosophy is a part of the policy of Elma and Elro. The three CSR pillars, People, Planet and Profit are well supported by execution this policy. The base of Elma is to avoid waste. All activities, resources used, materials and processes within Elma must add value to the customer.

Elma is a learning organization eager to optimize by using the Lean methodology. Lean Manufacturing achieves the ultimate optimization of the operating process by eliminating eight different types of waste during the process. This results in an optimal flow, improved turnaround times, higher quality and / or lower production costs per unit.

If required related methods as Six Sigma are used enabling a management framework for continuous improvement of quality. Six Sigma applies the Lean approach to identify and strengthen this process at the same time by creating numerical understanding on waste. This statistically substantiated information ensures the most effective measures and priorities are set. These will always have a positive effect on quality, turnaround time and / or costs. The assembly process KPIs selected by Elma must locate the steps in the process requiring improvement.

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