Joysticks Industry & Mechanical Engineering

Wide selection of industrial joysticks

Elma offers a wide variety of industrial joysticks and control handles manufactured by Elma. Small joysticks are developed for applications where space is limited. For heavy industrial applications robust joysticks are available. Each joystick can be tailored to your specific needs and be provided with ATEX components for use in explosion sensitive environments. If needed an industrial joystick can be customized to a specific application or to specific demands. Elma sales engineers can assist you with the selection of the right joystick.

Industrial joysticks: important features

  • All-round joysticks offering precise control in all situations.
  • Ergonomically & cleverly designed handles that integrate different options such as pushbuttons, switches and sensors.
  • A great number of outputs: precision potentiometers, HALL sensors, contactless potentiometers, absolute encoders, various BUS protocols.
  • Robust mechanical construction

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