Preventive Maintenance

How Preventive Maintenance reduces costs and downtime

The importance of preventive maintenance is obvious: it prevents unnecessary downtime, excessive wear and tear (on machine parts) and additional costs. Inspections are essential for good preventive maintenance. Regular check-ups of your machinery prevent malfunctioning. It is crucial that inspections are done professionally, systematically and thoroughly. For this reason Elma Services offers a complete programme for preventive maintenance and periodic inspection. All services are performed by highly qualified service engineers.

Comprehensive Monitoring

  • Bad connections in drive and control cabinets can be located and corrected by means of thermography. Damage and hazardous situations due to overheating are prevented.
  • An alignment check prevents malfunctioning and wear and tear of bearings, mechanical seals, couplings, gears and more. Misaligned machines are a recipe for glitches and breakdowns. Thanks to Elma’s alignment service your equipment will stay in optimal condition.
  • Experts of Elma Services carry out visual inspections to check the status of your machine from an installation engineering point of view. Both the status of the complete machine and the status of each individual e-motor, gearbox and pump are accurately mapped. Results of a visual inspection are logged in a dedicated inventory list. Our service engineers use these lists to draw up an adequate plan of maintenance.
  • Finally, Elma Services is offering support in adequat spare part management. We will check your spare parts stock and verify if it is up-to-date. On top of that we than verify how your stock can be synchronized with Elma’s. In this way customers may be able to significantly minimize their own stock without sacrificing availability.

The impact of vibration on machinery.

A perfect machine produces no vibrations. All energy goes to tasks for which the machine is designed. In real life, however, machines start vibrating due to wear and tear. In return, these vibrations will cause other parts to  wear and tear. This will finally lead to the malfunctioning of the machine as a whole.

Machines that are in good condition show typical vibration patterns. Their frequency spectrums have a unique shape, also refered to to as the vibratory pattern of the machine. It is obtained by analyzing the vibration signal for each frequency. As long as the forces applied to a machine are constant, or vary within certain limits, the measured vibration patterns will not change. Emerging defects will change the dynamic processes. It will be immediately clear when forces start impacting certain machine parts. The level and pattern of the vibrations will change.

Vibration signals contain much information related to the condition of a running machine. By executing a vibration analysis this information is inventoried. With the collected measurements and information a professional report is drawn up and recommendations can be given.

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