After-Sales Service

Quick and well performed service

Well-functioning drive and control systems are key to optimal functioning production processes. Thanks to Elma’s after-sales service customers can count on service and support throughout the complete lifespan of their electrical system. Elma offers this service regardless of the manufacturer or supplier of the system.

Preventive maintenance

In addition, it is also possible to perform preventive maintenance on your installation, therefore avoiding high repair costs in the future. Our service engineers operate internationally, if required based upon a service agreement. The Elma service engineers have extensive experience with commissioning and maintenance of equipment from various manufacturers. Malfunctions are repaired quick and fast thanks to the profound technical knowledge of our service engineers.

Maximum availability

Elma ensures the downtime of your drive- and control system is reduced to a minimum. Our service engineers travel o the location the malfunction occurs and furthermore it is often possible to repair the malfunctions remotely. Many of the materials applied by Elma are on stock. Because of our long and good relationship with our suppliers and wholesalers we can guarantee a fast delivery of spare parts.

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Manager Services
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