Crane systems designed to operate without down time

ELMA Technology has over 80 years of experience in the automation of crane and hoist systems. The last few decades our engineering department has become a true specialist in developping, building and commissioning the drive & control systems for cranes.

Elma focuses on the development and supply of complete drive- and control systems for cranes, ranging from conventional DC systems to the latest hybrid systems.

Technical file

The design of the drive and control systems will be done based upon your technical specifications and requirements. These systems are filed in detail in a Technical File in accordance with the new SIL or PL standard as required by the Machinery Directive.
All our designs comply with the EMC directives.

Refurbishing of old systems

Projects, whether they are small or large, for a new or an old construction, Elma is your partner. Arguments for refurbishing an old system are the extension of the lifetime, reducing the “down time” and therefore increasing productivity and reducing the “total cost of ownership”. Apart from AC crane systems, our engineering department has extensive knowledge and experience of DC installations. Also hydride solutions using the regenerative energy is one of our specialties.

Various types of cranes are being equipped with Elma designed and supplied drive and control system: (automatic) overhead cranes, bulk-Unloaders, gantry cranes, container cranes, general-cargo cranes, heavy lift cranes etc. Not only new crane systems but also old crane systems have been replaced by modern innovative technology. These kind of projects require often turnkey solutions where the customer is totally unburdened. Often old cranes, especially in the offshore and marine sector, are equipped with hydraulics for controlling various movements. These systems can also be integrated into the new drive and control systems designed by Elma.

  • Design of the drive- and control system
  • Assembly and installation of electrical systems
  • Commissioning
  • 24/7 after-sales service
  • Supply of spare parts

Thanks to years of experience as brand-independent system integrator, we can design and refurbish every  type of crane drive- and control system in accordance with our customer’s requirements. We use the latest technologies and standards. All hardware engineering is executed with E-Plan. In addition, our software department has experience in developing application software for various PLC brands such as Siemens, ABB, Allen Bradley, Schneider and Bachmann.

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