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Elma Marine Solutions: one-stop-shop for e-motor & starter

Elma Marine Solutions (EMS) offers completely integrated E-motor and Starter solutions, suitable for all types of vessels and every kind of market segment. EMS uses its own designated line of products. These are specifically designed for ship propulsion.

Our systems are engineered in EPLAN and come with a complete set of documentation. All used components are worldwide approved by all leading marine classification agencies.

Choosing for Elma Marine Solutions means choosing for:

–  Efficiency: a single point of contact, quick quotations and project realization

–  Pricing: best market price, no compromise on quality

–  Solutions that are completely documented

–  A partner taking complete responsibility for the System Integration

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In addition to our standard product line, we also design, engineer and assemble customer specific systems according to your technical or functional specifications. This scope can be expanded with control systems and steering solutions. EMS has over 80 years of experience with electro-mechanical products and marine applications.

Service you can count on!

Technical & Design Ranges, Scope of Supply

  • 1 – 300kW : for specials and pump starters (hydraulics)
  • 300 – 2500kW : for auxilliary & main propulsion
  • 400V  50Hz
  • 440V  60Hz
  • 460V  60Hz
  • 690V  50Hz
  • 690V  60HZ
  • 3 kV  60Hz
  • 315KV  60Hz
  • 3kV  60Hz
  • 4KV  60Hz
  • 146KV  60Hz
  • 6KV  50Hz
  • 6KV  60Hz
  • 6KV  50 Hz
  • 6KV  60HZ
  • 10 KV  50Hz
  • 10 KV  60Hz
  • IE 1
  • IE 2
  • IE 3
  • IE 4
  • Soft starter
  • Trafo starter
  • VFD (variable frequency drive)

Elma Marine Solutions has a dedicated, hands-on and cross-functional team. We manage the entire process from sales, engineering, project management, sourcing, production, commissioning to service. We have a specialist for every step of the process!

We are available 24/7 for service and maintenance.

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