Rewinding E-motors

Rewinding E-motors: a core business of Elma Services

In addition to repairing and overhauling, rewinding e-motors (and generators) is one of Elma’s core competences. Over the last decades our maintenance engineers have built up a great amount of skills and experience in rewinding e-motors. Thanks to modern technology, high-quality materials and our staff’s expertise, Elma Services is able to guarantee high quality with quick turnaround times!

Rewinding every type of coil-based rotary machine

Thanks to a well equipped workshop Elma Services is capable of rewinding a wide range of equipment: almost every kind of coil-based rotary machine!

  • AC-motors
  • DC-motors
  • Generators
  • Rotors
  • Stators
  • Excitations
  • DC machines
  • Main Field Anchors
  • Turbo Rotor Anchors
  • Transformers

Well equipped workshop

Elma’s rewinding department is equipped with modern machinery and computer-controlled winding benches. In addition to this, Elma Services has dedicated machinery that enables rotors to be rewinded directly on the pole pieces. Form-wound coils (as used in DC machines or large generators) are manufactured in-house. Also laminated iron cores can be repaired.

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After the stators have been rewinded they are impregnated with a special lacquer. Elma uses special immersion baths for this. Once the excess has dripped off, the stators are baked in special ovens at 140 degrees Celsius. The lacquer used by Elma is continuously monitored by an external laboratory. The right viscosity of the lacquer is crucial for an optimal impregnation of the stator’s coils.

Thanks to all the equipment and skills available at Elma, our engineers are able to deliver high-quality rewinding jobs and short turnaround times.

When is rewinding profitable?

Rewinding your e-motor or stator is the right choice in several situations. When your machine is very old or custom-made, the motor often turns out to be irreplaceable. Also, the delivery times of brand new e-motors are known to be very long. In these cases rewinding is the answer! Delivery times are much shorter and you stay assured of old trusted technology. The costs for rewinding your motor or stator depend on the situation. In order to receive an accurate price recommendation, we suggest for one of our Elma engineers to visit and examine your setup in-situ. For more information, please contact one of our specialists.

For the repair and overhaul of rotating electrical machines, please contact us. See Overhaul for more details.

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